Sunday’s Sharing: Thoughts and Book – Watching Glass Shatter, James J. Cudney

Hi Friends,

I hope you have a happy and fruitful Sunday.

For me, Sunday is always the best day of the week, because I can continue to stay in bed and lie down on my bed to do some readings or watching my favourite youtube channels. Then, I can continue to slack on my bed until the lunchtime. This is the only day that I give myself some breathing space, else I guess I’ll burn out in no time. Seriously? Elon Musks mentioned that he can work for 80 – 100 hours per week for more than 15 years! Well, when I reached my 80th hours, I already looked like a walking zombie, then when I reached my 86th hours, I already started to be super grumpy and asked (in a polite way) people stay away from me. lol. I’ve been working for 85 – 90 hours for 2 years, and I was completely burnt out. It was really devastated. I still don’t understand how he did it. I guess that’s how he built-up Tesla. How many hours can you work in a week?

This morning, I grab the opportunity to finish up a novel while I was rolling on my bed. The book named “Watching Glass Shatter“, written by James J. Cudney. He is a new author, but I can see a potential in him because I really love the way of his writing in describing every detail in each scene. I found Jay’s blog while I was viewing the WordPress reader page months ago (I can’t really remember when is it), and his blog post definitely caught my attention, that’s how I started to read his 365 Challenge’s post every day.

I will keep my summary short and sweet because I do not want to be a spoiler and hopefully you’ll fully enjoy the story when you read it. Basically, it is a story about a man called Benjamin left a heartbreaking letter to his beloved wife after he passed away. I was burst into tears after reading the letter about the love of him to his wife and carried his guilty secrets to his grave. Then, I burst into tears again while reading the second letter at the very end of the story. I was literally sobbing since the climax of the story.

The prologue is very well-written as well because it prompted me to guess about the secret of Ben and aroused my curiosity. All characters are very well-built and I love the introduction of each character in a different chapter. The ending is a relieved but I would say it’s a painful lesson to learn. The story is packed with emotion and turmoil.

I would recommend you to read “Watching Glass Shattered” by James Cudney. I bet it will impress you like how it did to me. I am giving this book 4.5 /5 stars πŸ™‚ I think there’s still room for improvement and I can’t wait for Jay’s next book.

You can check-out about Jay as the following links:

Websites & Blog

Social Media Links

That’s all from me about this book today. I did feel some heartache after it and my eyes are just so puffy now!

I guess it’s time for a comedy.
Many areas in Penang were flooded since last night, so I’ve to camp at home today.

Is love really unconditionally? How do you define unconditional love? Would you be able to love someone unconditionally?

For me, unconditional love is I still love and cherish someone, as usual, no matter what has happened, what is happening and what will happen in future. Loving someone unconditionally really need tonnes of courageous, believe and trust that person wholeheartedly. Last but not least is have faith.

I’ll stop writing now.

Have a lovely Sunday.




  1. for some reasons, the link to his blog is unavailable tho. tried clicking it for 3 times but couldnt access it. anyway, im rather curious of what is his ‘guilty secret’ is that capable to make a reader burst into tears

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    1. Lol…forgot to tell you that, I don’t mind to read your book 10 times, because I really need to spend time to read your words again and again. You know? I always need to read your post more than twice, before I can process them.
      *Please don’t remove Jay’s book from your Amazon list***

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  2. It is still very much on my list and I look forward to reading it. I didn’t take offense to the 10 times comment if anything it made me want to added to my list even more. That is one hell of a recommendation. It has to be good for you to have that much passion about it. I’m off to check on the links. Take care.

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    1. Is 5 hours reading really fast?
      I was literally just on my bed for five solid hours without going for a drink, food nor toilet breaks. I can’t even talk with anyone when I start reading a story. Lol.

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